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In December 1945, a group of eighteen believers resolved to band themselves together in faith fellowship. They held their first worship service on January 16, 1946, in a small building in the International district of Seattle, Washington. The membership grew rapidly and on February 17, 1946 they organized into a church with 32 members. Among the membership was a minister named "Rev. Norman Mitchell." He was one of several ministers at the new church. The membership saw something special in this young preacher. It was evident that God had placed a calling on his life. He was a dynamic speaker and definitely had leadership qualities. It was his suggestion that they name the church "Goodwill Missionary Baptist". 

Rev. Norman Mitchell was chosen as Pastor in March of 1946. Installation services were held March 31, 1946. Rev. Cornelius Brown officiated at the ceremonies. From the beginning, God lead the body of Christ at Goodwill to reach out to those in the metropolitan Seattle area and beyond. Members were telling the story of Goodwill and the membership continued to grow. It was God's desire that Goodwill would be a church that reaches out to the world around them. On August 9, 1946, with a vision of a revitalized teaching and evangelizing Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church decided to join the General Baptist Convention. They wanted to continue to build on the vision God had given them.

Early in 1947, the membership had grown so large; another place of worship was sought. Even though the membership was praying for their own sanctuary, they moved to another larger temporary building. That move happened on February 22, 1947. God blessed the Goodwill membership financially as well as spiritually and their prayers were answered when they were able to purchase a vacant lot at 19th Avenue and South Washington Street. The shovels were poised to break ground when the membership learned that a Methodist Church at 1445 So. Main Street was up for sale. That building was purchased and the membership had the pleasure of worshipping God in their own church home for the first time.

Dedication services were held October 9, 1949. God was continuing to work and the membership continued to grow. Goodwill had a mind to work knowing that God is an ever-present helper in the time of need. They soon found that the building on So. Main St. was too small for the growing congregation. They set their sites again on the lot that they had purchased on South Washington Street, but heard that a Jewish Synagogue on Fir Street had recently come on the market. The shovels were laid down again and inquiries went out to purchase that property.

Negotiations were successful and Goodwill was on it's way to their new sanctuary. Dedication services were held January 17-24, 1957. Through dedication, sacrifice and the blessings of God, the mortgage was paid in full by March, 1962. In celebration of this accomplishment, a mortgage burning service was held on April 26, 1962. The church continued to grow and plans were made for future growth in this marvelous work of God. For eleven years, Goodwill worshiped God and sang his praises in that building. By being faithful and obedient, God provided a way for them to build a new sanctuary on the same site.

On Sunday, December 24, 1967 groundbreaking services were held. On January 3, 1968, the congregation moved their services temporarily to the Washington Hall, located at 153 -14th Ave. So. That building was leased to use until the new edifice was completed. During that time the congregation continued to sing and pray as never before. They continued to praise God for his many blessings as they viewed their new sanctuary rising from the ground. On October 1968, their vision became a reality, the new edifice was completed. Dedication Services were held October 20-27, 1968. The Rev. Dr. O.B. Williams of the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church, Portland, Oregon brought the dedication sermon.

Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church, with a membership of over 800, continues in its spirit of unity of divergent people through affiliation with The General Baptist Convention and The American Baptist Churches. Through support of missions and sending members out as ministers, missionaries, musicians, and Christian educators, the church reaches out to unify the world in the name of Jesus Christ. Goodwill encourages the women of our church to exercise their gifts of the Spirit and to heed their calling to the ministry. We were blessed in April 2001 when Rev. Betty Woodard became the first female minister of our church.

Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church has seen a steady growth in its ministries to the homeless and incarcerated in the Pacific Northwest. Goodwill has hosted numerous fine Women's & Men's workshops, choral concerts, community oriented prayer services, and interdenominational worship events. Many of our newer members have been attracted to Goodwill because of the combination of its unique commitment to its community with its vibrant, powerful, and well planned worship services. Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church celebrated its 50th Anniversary in January of 1996. The congregation looks toward its future even more expectantly.

In November 2003 the membership of Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church voted Bishop Garry L. Tyson in unanimously as the six pastor, his installation service were held on March of 2004. Under Bishop Tyson leadership the following have been accomplished from 2003-2013:

PHYSICALLY- New Pews, New Carpet inside the Sanctuary and Foyer of church have all been replaced, along with wood flooring in Offices, Church has been painted. Redesigned Pulpit and stage area to become more user friendly, Upgraded and purchased New Audio Sound Board/PA, mikes and speakers. Made choir stand handicap accessible updated computers, and made the church wireless accessibility.

PURCHASED New Glass Podiums for pulpit and Floor, both church vans were paid off.

SPIRITUALLY- Started an all males Usher Ministry. Goodwill School of Ministry and extension of Christian Education, Prayer Walks, Sidewalk Bible study, Praise Teams, Youth and Adults. GOD’s. Anointed Next Generation Youth Ministry. Sanctuary Choir. Reestablished– New Members Orientation, Intercessory Prayer Ministry, Prayer conference call lines every Friday and special weeks. UW grant Healthy food ministry. Health and Wellness Ministry. Bread of Heaven feeding Ministry. Purchased and sold Medina building. Culinary Ministry. Added a new Annual day Friends and Family Day.

Through Bishop Tyson's leadership, our church was one of six churches in the Greater Seattle area that partnered with the University of Washington Nursing Department, Moving Together In Faith and Health Intervention. New commercial refrigerators, shed for storage and a Community garden have been accomplished through a grant that was given by the UW.

In February 2014 Goodwill will start Live streaming our worship service via internet, A new video camera and laptop were purchased for this project..

Up and Coming Renovation projects: New Lighting for entire sanctuary. New Projectors and screens, renovation of Bathrooms, Treasure’s office, Secretary and Pastor’s Office, Painting of Sanctuary interior/exterior and Purchasing of new offering receptacle.